Golden Lotus

East Bay, California


rating star

I really like this restaurant. I wish I was around during the week to take advantage of their lunch specials, but typically I go at night. The prices are a bit higher than I'd like, but I've also been going to GL for six or so years and remember it when it was cheaper. Lots of fake meat dishes. My favorites are the Lotus salad and Teriyaki Chicken dish. I don't like the Sweet and Sour chicken or Lemon chicken dishes just because the "meat" pieces are mostly breading.

rating star

Good food, and good deals for lunch. My only issue is the lack of vegetables in many of the dishes in lieu of fake meat. Otherwise, one of my favorite places to go near downtown Oakland.

rating star

Delicious food. Many fake meat items. Follows the religious teachings of Supreme Master Ching Hai. Sister restaurant to Golden Era (in SF) and Stars Veggie (in Berkeley).

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