Divine Cafe and Catering

Portland, Oregon


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If anybody visits this place please say hi to the cook for me. :) thanks!

on many occasions i had lunch here and next time i am in the usa i am not going to miss a chance ... i remember - vegan food that tastes so damn yummy and hoggy .. but since u have to get back to work u helplessly try to curb ur urge ..haha .. it's a personal experience .. here is an advice - find some slow day for urself sometime and then go have lunch at this place - see how it feels ;) ... well of course i'd not mind just picking up a pasta on my way home or may be have a barbeque tofu sandwich in the break or may be just a coffee at the divine cafe! :D my mouth is watery - he he .. well now i am gonna have to eat the chicken which is in the fridge - but here i am - all the way back at that special place called Divine Cafe :)

P.S. the cook is a very sweet person !

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Nice people, great little place. I had the bbq tofu sandwich made vegan and it was delicious.

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I got lunch at Divine Cafe and it was delicious! I ordered the bbq tofu sandwich without cheese and it also included lettuce and onions. The cook put nutritional yeast on it instead of cheese. I bought a peanut butter bar for a snack and that was yummy (wasn't made there). Divine Cafe is a nice and friendly place. People that would walk buy said hello to the cook.

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