Mr Chan Szechuan Restaurant

Baltimore, Maryland


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Mr. Chan's has wonderful vegan/vegetarian options at a great price. Staff is very friendly. Definitely one of our favorite local restaurants. Try the fried rice with yuba and kale.

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Mr. Chan Szechuan Restaurant is a great vegetarian-friendly restaurant with fast service and reasonable prices. The mock meats are delicious without being overly meat-like. In each dish, customers have a choice between different proteins: seitan, tofu, tempeh, healmay, yuba and veggie protein nuggets. There are also citrus-flavored mock ribs and a number of faux chicken items on the menu (seitan with yuba "skin"). My favorite dish (so far) is the orange seitan, which is sugary and satisfying. I also love the fact that the waitresses bring free hot tea, kim chi salad and crispy noodles with homemade dipping sauces (all vegan) when you sit down. I'm always too full after my meal to try the desserts, but I've heard good things about the vegan chocolate mousse and the vegan green tea custard.

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