On the Fly

Columbus, Ohio


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On the Fly is a "vegan street food" shop right next to Dragonfly. The food all comes from the Dragonfly kitchen, though the final prep steps are usually done in the shop. The food is excellent. Most items were gussied up variations on simple street foods.

I had an empanada and sesame roll the first day. The empanada was huge and tasty, with a great spicy bean filling. The sesame roll was a nori roll wrapped around rice and chunks of fried tofu, encrusted with toasted sesame seeds. The roll was served with a tasty sauce that seemed to contain sesame sauce, soy, and something spicy.

On a later visit, I tried the griddle cake and the mezze salad. The salad was lettuce and zucchini on top of some great hummus, served with three of the best falafel balls I've ever had. Hot, moist, and delicious.

The griddle cake was a thick chewy roll some sort of hand made bean burger (maybe with tempeh). The sandwich also some sort of aioli sauce and zucchini.

Everything was really, really good, and fairly cheap. I would've loved to try the chili at some point, as it looked fantastic. I did try a small piece of a friend's chocolate mousse pie, which was great.

I wish I could've eaten lunch here every day I was in Columbus.

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