The Vegetable Garden

Rockville, Maryland


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I have not been here is years, but I used to go every time I visited the DC area, so maybe about 5 times.
This place is the reason I stayed veg after never having good vegetarian restaurant food back in the mid 90's.
The mock duck was the best, hope they still have it!
I'm pretty sure Oprah has eaten here, if you care!

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The food here is excellent. It's light, freshly prepared and full of vegetables and well-spiced sauces. The mockmeats are light and tasty and have excellent texture---not too firm, not too soft. Prices are extremely reasonable and portions are large enough for leftovers. I liked the orange beef, hunan beef and chicken kung pao.

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This place was AMAZING! It's way out of the way (for someone who doesn't drive), but the service was friendly and the food was outstanding. I had some sort of sweet potato and pecan with beef creation and it's one of the best meals I've ever had. The food came quickly but I really liked that they brought you sweet bread (sort of like little cakes) to snack on while you wait for your food. My friend and I split the key lime pie but I wasn't very impressed with it.

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The food I had here was good and I really appreciate the organic emphasis. There were a lot of dishes on the menu that looked really tempting; I'll go back and try some of them! I went with a big group and they seemed quite satisfied with their food.

They also have huge photographs of vegetables on the wall: like a 4 foot broccoli and 5 foot asparagus. They are very professionally done and very cool; I liked them anyway.

The service was very attentive.

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