Yama Restaurant

Hanover, New Hampshire


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We love to have a meal at Yama and stop for lunch each time we are in Hanover! They serve up several small appetizers when you arrive and offer many different vegan options when you ask. They know what it means to eat vegan and create delicious, well presented meals. Prices are reasonable, and servings generous. There is quite a crowd during lunch times - but we have always been treated with courtesy. One time when we had a short time for lunch the wait person arranged a "rush" serving for us. Favorite dishes: Japche (sweet potato noodles) and bimbimbab (sizzling bowl with rice, steamed veggies in spicy sauce).

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I've now been to Yama in Hanover twice, and can confidently say I will never go there again. On both occasions, the wait staff rudely RUSHED us into ordering, eating, and paying!

After five minutes of reviewing the menu (drink orders were demanded maybe 40 seconds after sitting), a waiter told us 'time's up', and made us place our order.

The last time I went, a wait staff member pickup up a dish I was eating from without even asking! Uh... I'm holding chop sticks and chewing here!?

I understand the more tables you turn-over a night, the more money they make, but come on Yama. Your food is not THAT good.

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This is the only restaurant in town (with the possible exception of The Orient) that would be considered a very good restaurant outside of New Hampshire. Sorry to sound like a food snob, but let's face it: food in New Hampshire is pretty awful.

But this place is wonderful. They started in West Lebanon & recently opened their restaurant in Hanover. The food usually arrives amazingly fast. In the style of Korean restaurants, they start you off with an array of little appetizers (called banchan) that at Yama are all vegetarian, and appear to be vegan.

Now, there vegetarian entree selection is pretty limited on the menu, but a lot of items can be made vegetarian. So while the limited selection doesn't warrant a rating of "excellent," the over all quality does.

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I ate at the new Hanover location of Yama last night and the service was terrible. The hostess originally estimated that it would take 40 minutes for us to be seated, but instead it took 70. To top it off, various staff members came out and told us "5 more minutes" every 10 or so minutes after the first 30 minutes of waiting and then proceeded to seat all of the small parties that showed up after we did (rather than pushing together the next 2 small tables that became available to seat the 6 of us).

After we had been seated for 10 minutes or so, the staff told us that they needed us to move to a different table because they wanted to join our table to another group that was expecting more people to show up. Yama decided to reward us with free Edamame appetizers for being good sports about moving.

We were temporarily mollified until it was time for our orders to come out. Half of our table received food very promptly. The other half of us waited for 30 minutes, then asked our waiter about our food. He checked the kitchen and then told us there was a "mix-up" and that they would have to start cooking our orders all over again. Because of the "mix-up," we were given a 20% discount on our meal.

I appreciate the fact that the staff at Yama recognized their mistakes and tried to compensate with discounts and free appetizers (which is why I'm not giving Yama a rating of "terrible"), but it will be a long time before I go back there. Hopefully, by that point, it will take substantially less than 3 hours to get a meal.

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