Galactic Pizza

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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Great place! Lots of well marked vegan options and delicious food! I had the Greek salad, the vegan Paul Bunyan Pizza, and the vegan cheesecake. The salad had a somewhat creamy and really easy dressing on it, though I would have liked to see a few more veggies on it (onions and tomatoes and so on). I couldn't resist trying the Paul Bunyan pizza—wild rice, morel mushrooms, and vegan sausage on pizza? How could it get more Minnesotan? The crust was nice and crispy (this is a change from Pizza Luce) and the vegan sausage was delicious (I asked and they said they begin with Lightlife and season it themselves). Next time, though, I'll go for a more traditional pie. The thing that really blew my socks off was the vegan cheesecake. You must go and try this! It's really creamy and dense and delicious.

I will certainly be back to Galactic. I'm sad that I don't live in their delivery zone, but it's a fun bike ride from me to them.

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Galactic is my #1 favorite restaurant in the cities. The pizza is unbeatable, the staff is excellent, the art and music are always good, and they've got Surly on tap*! My favorite pizza is the Paul Bunyan, with wild rice and morel mushrooms. Highly recommended!

*Surly is vegan now.

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Local. Organic. Sustainable. Tremendous. They even deliver pizza in electric cars while dressed up in super hero duds. What more can I say? Do or die!

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Update: Since I wrote my previous review (ages ago) Galactic has switched to using Daiya. This makes a huge difference, and I like their pizza much better now. It's still kind of pricy though.

I ordered a pizza and a small greek salad for dinner tonight. When they say small, they're not kidding. It was more of a micro-salad! Frankly, at $3.95 it's a ripoff, organic or not. And even worse, they forgot to put any dressing on it (I asked them to substitute their vinagrette for the non-vegan Greek dressing).

The pizza was decent, but the vegan cheese they use cools off and congeals incredibly quickly. It tastes pretty good when it's hot and still a bit runny, but it's not nearly as appealing once it's cooled down a bit. I think Luce's rinotta is better. It's not really like cheese, but it just tastes great on its own. This stuff was like cheese, but it wasn't really close enough to be worth getting.

The crust was thin and crispy, and the sauce is tasty. I think next time I'd skip the cheese altogether (and hopefully they'd cut the price).

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For me, the vegan cheese bread was so ho-hum I could have done the same with a couple of slices of italian bread and shredded cheese in a grocery store microwave and had the same result.

The wild rice pizza with morel mushrooms was a real treat though!

Nice people, good atmosphere.

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I'm glad to say Galactic Pizza has regained its crown as the best vegan pizza maker in the Twin Cities. They just recently started offering Daiya vegan cheese which hopefully will wash away the dark memories of their Chicago Soydairy Teese days. Daiya looks and acts like cheese and tastes pretty damn good to boot. It's superior to every other rice or soy-based cheese in the US market.

Galactic Pizza makes wonderful vegan pizzas, with numerous topping choices, including local, seasonal CSA options and Minnesota-centric things like wild rice. Their crusts are absolute perfection---crispy, thin, light and golden. I can honestly say that I crave Galactic Pizza quite often. They also have killer, gourmet vegan cheesecake from a famous local Minneapolis cheesecake maker, Muddy Paws (now that Muddy Paws only does catering, Galactic is the only place in Uptown to get your fix for a slice, rather than a whole cake).

The service is consistently friendly. The interior decor is hip, retro and funky. They deliver in an electric pod car and wear superhero costumes. I love it.

Prices for their pizzas are a bit high, especially considering how light their pies are (I can finish off a medium in ten minutes); on the other hand, the quality of their vegan cheese, their unusual vegan topping choices, and their delicious crust, makes it worth every penny.

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Really fresh tasting ingredients made the organic veggie pizza something to go back for. While there vegan cheese (Teese brand) isn't the best I've ever had, it was still good especially since they loaded on the other toppings like the mushrooms and peppers. The mock chicken was really icky though so I would never have that on my pizza again and the crust is ok but nothing special, although the vegan garlic cheese bread was super good. I loved that we could order just about everything vegan.
The vegan cheesecake was some of the best I've ever had, and our server was super polite and friendly and when you get a waiter like that everything tastes better:)

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Their vegan cheesecake is to die for! I ate it with an omnivore who couldn't believe how delicious it was

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I habitually order the vegan Paul Bunyan, and have tried a few others, but lately I have not enjoyed their pizzas due to their new vegan cheese (Teese). I don't think I will be eating their pizza anymore until they change the cheese to something better.

The vegan Muddy Paws cheesecake is the only think that will bring me back to Galactic.

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Galactic is cool as all hell! The staff are great, the décor is retro, the philosophy is environmentally sensitive and the food is absolutely delectable. They make vegetarian and vegan options of almost all their pizzas, using the finest soy cheese as well as making their own vegan hemp pesto. Their perfect pizza crust creates a great base for what goes on top. The pièce de résistance is the vegan cheesecake which they source from a company called Muddy Paws, a local bakery ( Inside, the restaurant is cozy and retro, with a comfortable sofa area at the back. In summer they provide outside seating under grass canopies.

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Yum! Best vegan pizza in the Twin Cities.

Word on the street is that Galactic Pizza is now carrying Teese vegan cheese (! This is a new soy cheese, which is apparently one of the best you can find in the US.

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i usually order delivery for the 4:20 special, ($4.20 off any order at 4:20 p.m.) too see the superhero costumes and the amazing discount, but it was 10 p.m. and i was starving. the hubby and i walked down to galactic and for the first time ever, ate in. the decor inside is retro hippy cute with 50's tables and chairs and lots of greenery in the window.
we usually go for the vegan paul bunyan(!) or the alamo but tonight we had the vegan old schooler, vegan cheese toast and muddy paws cheesecake for dessert.
the cheese toast could have been browned longer, i like it pretty crunchy but it had garlic spread with the cheese so it was extremely tasty. the pizza crust was perfect, crunchy and chewy and the toppings went well together. and the cheesecake, its that perfect "have to drag your mouth on the fork to get it off because its so thick" consistency so you actually are forced to savor it. i rounded everything out with a bells oberon and for the 2 of us, it was only 40$ with leftovers.
the staff was attentive, nice, and full of suggestions:)

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The vegetarian alfredo pizza is one of the best smelling (and tasting) pizzas around. Highly recommended.

I've gotten delivery from them several times and the delivery people always arrived on time--clearly, they're the superheros of the uptown pizza world.

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I had the greatest dinner here last night. The vegan garlic cheese bread was amazing, with a ton of vegan mozzarella melted perfectly. The best though was the pizza. It was a build your own with bianca sauce, vegan mozzarella, vegan chicken, and broccoli. The best vegan pizza I've ever had hands down. If you like that kind of thing try it out. It reminded me of those non-vegan alfredo pizzas my boyfriend always orders in that I'm jealous of. The cheese on the pizza was melted perfectly, though I have to agree with others that this can be hit or miss. I would say that Galactic makes the best vegan pizzas of any other place around.

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As soon as you look at the menu you'll add this restaurant to your list of favorites. The vegan garlic cheese bread is awesome, and it only gets better once you get to the main dishes. The Alamo pizza (vegan style) is probably the best pizza in existence. The vegan cheese is to die for.

As if the great food isn't enough to keep you coming back for more, the atmosphere is funky, fun, and eclectic, and the waitstaff are extremely friendly. Ask them for suggestions if you're not sure what to get, and they'll point you towards their favorites.

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Absolutely awesome! Even my kids (who can be annoyingly picky!!) loved this place! I highly recommend this restaurant - not only for the wonderful food but for the conscientiousness of their business practices!

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I love this place! I had great vegan garlic cheese bread and a really awesome vegan pizza topped off with a yummy piece of vegan blueberry cheesecake that we ate in about 30 seconds! The service was wonderful, and the atmosphere at night is wonderfully relaxing.

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By far the BEST pizza I have ever had.. tangy, spicy, tomato-ey.
and the garlic bread?? ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Orgasmic

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galactic pizza is the best delivery pizza experience there is. the pizza is delicious. the crust is the perfect intersection of crispy and bready. the toppings are fresh and yummy too. the only problem was when one of the gizmos broke down and the delivery took a LONG time. to make up for it, they gave us a free hemp brownie.

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I like supporting Galactic Pizza. It's awesome that a restaurant can care so much about the environment, with their biodegradable toke out boxes, electric cars, donations to charity, etc.

Their vegan cheese bread is really good it's always been nice and melty.

The pizza is another story. The veggies are all quite good, but the cheese is inconsistent as far as meltiness goes. Sometimes it's gooey and yummy, other times it's a pizza with a bunch of shredded unmelted cheese. But at least there's always a lot of cheese, which makes for great leftovers.

The mock meat, in my opinion, is horrible. The mock duck is teeny tiny and not really tasty. The chik'n is bland and gross. I really wish they would at least get some decent mock duck.

That said, I do like their veggie pizzas and their interesting toppings as well as the fact that they serve Muddy Paws vegan cheesecake, which is always tasty.

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I'm so in love with their vegan options - especially when they take the time to melt the vegan cheese a little more...
I crave their pizza so often that I'm sure they know me by now. I highly suggest adding the wild rice along with your favourite toppings. It is delicious!

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I loved their pizza. Their staff was super nice.

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This was, believe it or not, my very first vegan pizza with "cheese" on it. (But then I've only been on this quest for 21 years, so it was bound to happen sooner or later.) I came here with a local Veg group, and those that had been here before gave the food rave reviews.

I'm not necessarily raving about this place, mostly because I've had a lot better pizza in the past (at other places), sans the "cheese." But I do think this place is worth trying yourself. Mostly because I liked the funky atmosphere of the place. (Not the mention the super-retro kitchen tables and chairs. Probably purchased for a steal on E-Bay!) I also like the enviro-friendly motif promulgated at this place.

As for the food itself, the Vegheads I was sitting with ordered vegan garlic "cheese" bread and the Organic Veggie pizza. The cheese bread was excellent. In fact, so good, I seriously wondered if that "cheese" was from a plant.

The pizza was fairly tasty, despite the apparent lack of veggies. (This was a "Veggie" pizza, after all, wasn't it?) The crust, fortunately, was soft and chewy, nearly perfect, actually. (However, I normally eschew white bread, esp. since this is the 21st Century, and I'd think a place like this would be aware of that recent development.)

Though, unlike the melted "cheese" on the garlic bread, our pizza "cheese" was not particularly melted. I commented to my fellow diners that it looked like "that stuff you see on frozen pizza." I also can't say that it was particularly hot, the so-called "cheese."

At least the sauce on the pizza was hot (enough) and tangy enough, to make this (overall) a thumbs-up culinary experience. And, in fact, I did appreciate being able bite into a piece of pizza (right from the start) that wasn't so hot that I couldn't eat it. (I'm sure we've all been there!)

Also, lest I forget to mention, the Vegetarian company I was keeping just added to a genuinely pleasurable experience. If you (yourself) could repeat that, then by all means check this place out!

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probably not the best pizza i've ever had, it's actually rather expensive when you compare the sizes and topping to spokes, but i'd pick galactic (or most anything) to luce

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I've been thinking about the pizza I had for a couple of days, and I have come to the conclusion that Galactic's is the best pizza in town. The crust is especially good. The vegan cheese was really good, too. One thing to note is that they were unable to make the Community Supported Agriculture pizza when we were there.. I don't remember why. I think it had to do with the crops, or some other availability issue. It seems this issue could be reoccurring, though not really that big a deal. (The CSA pizza has been unavailable for quite some time - they may be looking to partner with a new farm soon if this issue isn't cleared up).

While there wasn't much to be said for service, I don't think there needs to be in a place like that. As long as they get the order right, you can pretty much be left alone for pizza dining.

The prices are high, yes, but it's worth it to eat at a place that's doing it's best to be responsible, and the pizza was really really good. However, I hope the day isn't far off when 'pizza with a conscience' places are completely vegan.

Update: Their Vegan Garlic Cheese Bread is really good, and I recommend the Alamo if you're looking for a pizza to try. They also offer Muddy Paws vegan cheesecake for dessert now.

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I have had both vegetarian and vegan pizzas at Galactic, and all have been fantastic. Best pizza I've ever had! I was also impressed by their delivery -- a man in Lycra and a cape delivered a steaming pizza to my friend's house in record time. The times that I've dined in were wonderful, too -- plenty of seating, great service, and kid-friendly . (I took the kid I nanny for there and he loved it!)

My only complaint is that they don't deliver outside the uptown area. Those electric-powered vehicles only make it so far, I guess!

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This is a fun, happy place. It has the ambience of a diner and a retro lounge simultaneously.

Our table had the Organic Veggie and the Second Harvest Heartland pizzas (the vegan versions). Interestingly, I preferred the Second Harvest, but others preferred the Organic Veggie. In any case, both had a lot of flavor. The cheese was a bit fluid, even after letting it set for a few minutes.

I'm very glad that Galactic Pizza is making a conscientious effort to serve vegan food (and not just one or two menu items), unlike Pizza Butt or Vomitos.

Update: I've been back several times since my first visit in the summer of 2004 and I've grown to prefer their vegan pizza to others' dairy pizza. It's easier to digest and healthier. On the negative side, on one occasion the staff was impolite, possibly because they were overwhelmed with orders.

Updated Update (03/05): They're better than ever. They've refined and perfected either the baking process or the vegan cheese itself, because it's more solid now, but it still has the same flavor. They've also begun to serve house wine and tap beer (Summit & Grain Belt), which is a plus for conscientious drunks such as myself. ;-)

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the delivery alien shows up at your door in a space ship and hands you a vegan pizza just like the one you described to himmer over the phone. enchanting!

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In my opinion, the BEST vegan pizza in this galaxy. However if you ever get out to Andromeda, there's this one place that... Oh, I've said too much.

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I just went to Galatic pizza last week to try a pizza place other than just Domino's. I tried their Pizza alla vodka, and it was fabulous! I also got the organic veggie for my mom and she loved it. The workers there were friendly and considerate. I'd recommend going there to all my friends. Check it out!

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I recently tried Galactic Pizza after reading a review in the City Pages. I'm happy to say they lived up to the rants and raves they received by the City Pages food critic. The vegan cheese was the best I've had in the city. I also tried the Hemp Ceasar salad which was delicious. The dressing is not nearly as thick and heavy as it is most places. My brother tried a more traditional specialty pizza, The Old School and was equally impressed. It was a fun place to bring the kids on a Saturday night since the drivers were dressed up like superheroes! I'll definitely be back!

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About 2 weeks after they opened, my wife and I decided to try it out - good vegan pizza is hard to come by. It was fantastic, and we were happy to have a new place to add to our list. Then, we went there with friends, and our vegan pizza wasn't vegan, so we sent it back. The kitchen then threw something together, tossed it in the oven, and shipped it before it was done - it sucked. We didn't complain, though, 'cause stuff just happens sometimes.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, we called in a to go order - two vegan hipsters with green olives. That's what I ordered, that's what it said on the order, and that's what they said when I picked it up, but that's not what I had when I got home (it's 30 minutes each way). I was kind of irritated, and when I called, Pete said they'd put some new ones in the oven and they'd be ready in 40 minutes or so. When I got there, he was very apologetic and gave me a green card with "good for 2 free specialty pizzas" and his name - Pete – on the back. I was mollified enough to try again.

Tonight (9/17/2004), I was thinking a hipster sounded good, so I called in to redeem my "coupon". The guy that answered the phone said "we don't do that here". I explained briefly that my order had been screwed up twice in a row, once causing me to spend an extra hour in the car picking up pizza, and then he said "what's your name - I'll check the list". When I told him my name, he went away for a minute and then returned and said my name wasn't on it so there wasn't anything he could do. I said "You mean you're not going to honor it?", and he replied "I'm not going to honor it right now". I then replied "Either you are or you're not - there's no right now or later about it", and he hung up on me.

Now, I used to wait tables, for about 6 years. The right thing to do is take the order, take the coupon, and hope the customer is happy, especially given the reason the customer had the coupon in the first place. The completely wrong thing to do is to refuse to honor a coupon issued because you screwed the customer over, and then HANG UP ON THEM.

The pizza might be good, but I'm not willing to get screwed over on the off chance I might get what I ordered. I gave them four tries - one was great, they completely screwed up two, and insulted me and hung up on the fourth. I'll stick with Luce.

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I dined in at Galactic with my lover, and there seemed to be no service at all though I was impressed by the number of staff they had. I guess to make good pizzas and to provide both dine in and delivery service all together are not easy. Staff members didn't have that smooth work environment where everyone was trying to help others who were overloaded with work. And I witnessed a couple of orders getting mixed up. But the pizza we order was fantastic. The crust, tomato sauce, fantastic toppings (that we selected ourselves), and vegan cheese were all great. After all, I came here to enjoy the pizzas and they were done just right!

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So many pizza topping choices!!! Most of thier pizzas can be made vegetarian, and a good number can be made vegan. The vegan cheese topping isn't bad, but pizzas are just as good without it.
Delivery times can be slow (probably due to a sudden rise in popularity after a fawning City Pages article), resulting in a not-quite-warm pizza when it does show up.

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yummy pizza. many vegan options. they even have vegan mozzarella cheeze that melts (be careful, it's super melty-hot, fresh out of the oven). it's a little pricey, but more filling than i thought it would be. the atmosphere was kind of chaotic when we were there, as it was an open mic night.

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