Restaurant Manantial Vegetariano

Oaxaca, Oaxaca

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Vegetarian restaurant and buffet.

Buffet from 2-4pm daily.

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We had two meals in the beautiful courtyard restaurant that is called Manantial. One we ordered from the menu and the other was the lunch buffet. The restaurant is located in a beautiful Mexican interior under a tent. We joyfully noted that the entire bill for our first meal with two beers...cost as much as two beers in NYC where we live.

We had...A fabulous mushroom casserole appetizer. Entrees...Tasty and sweet (mmmm...chocolate) Mole with Soy protein. 'Swiss' style quesidillas with salsa verde and lovely, delicious Oaxacan cheese. Excellent service.

The buffet was a bit more of a mixed bag for us. There were carnivorous dishes and vegetarian dishes right next to each other and not labeled. Not a huge deal but one needs to ask and be carefully precise. It would be sensible and easy for them to divide the table or add some sort of notation. Also, in one case there were not separate serving utensils for the veggie and meaty foods as well as veggie and meaty foods being on the same dish. I tried explaining to the waiter that some vegetarians (most of us!) don't want our utensils or veggie foods touching meaty foods. Maybe a small thing but significant to some.

Overall, we enjoyed this restaurant quite a bit. For us, Ordering from the menu was a more satisfying experience. But, the buffet is still worth a try as there are a number of veggie options. Check the times as it closes at 6:30pm on some evenings.

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9am - 6pm

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