CIBO Express - Terminal 3

ORD - Chicago O'Hare International, Airports


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I love all the vegan options at this little "market" in the airport. There are several varieties of apples (and not all boring old red delicious!). There are a half-dozen choices from Soul Veg. I LOVE the barbeque tofu! But there's also a jerk tofu wrap that I'm tempted by and several other great sandwiches and a bunch of salads. Lots of juices and bars and snacks. Nope, it's not cheap and nothing in the airport is, but it's wonderful to have some options and I support them on my frequent trips through.

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Soul Veg in the airport! This is truly amazing. They also have Clif Bars, Luna bars, a vast chocolate selection (many vegan) and a bunch of other cool stuff. By far, the best food selection in O'Hare.

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I must say that I am ecstatic that the rumors of there being Soul Veg food at O'Hare are actually true. It took a few phone calls and an hour of walking around w/ luggage but I finally found it! Unfortunately, the only item there was the BBQ delights, so I'm not sure if there usually is more. The guy working had absolutely no idea they carried it.

Also, the price was $7.99 - nearly $9 with tax! - for a small portion, which probably sells for $5 in the restaurant. When the guy rang me up, the BBQ Delights came up as $5.99 in the register and I told him that is probably the correct price, as $7.99 is ridiculous, but he disagreed and rang up a $2 water to make up the price difference so I didn't get away w/ anything.

As happy as I am to have the Soul Veg item, I think it is way overpriced and didn't taste nearly as good as I hoped it would. Perhaps because I was hoping the cold wheat chunks in a plastic container would taste the same as the hot BBQ seitan served aside vegan mashed potatoes and greens I get in their restaurant. :)

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