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Eclectic "evolved" American dining with vegan options

This new take-out and dine-in restaurant features an Asian stir-fry, as well as Indian korma (made with vegan sauce and tofu). You can also make your own pizza with a variety of mockmeats, including vegan Italian sausage, fakin' bacon, vegan pepperoni, smart ground, and tofu.

Also serves wraps, salads, burgers and sandwiches.

Added by conde.kedar on Dec 31 08 (last updated May 23 12)

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My husband and I are vegetarians and love Worcester for the quality and quantity of restaurants that have veggie options. Today we made a trip to Worcester to attend the annual vegetarian fest at Worcester State College. At the event we picked up a brochure that listed Evo as being veggie-friendly and having vegan pizza and sandwiches. We figured we'd give it a shot.

Upon arrival we were thoroughly excited. The restaurant has a cool look and indeed, the menu is very veggie friendly. I ordered a tofurkey panani and my husband ordered a tofurkey wrap. As we waited for our food we were initially talking about coming back to try a number of other options we saw on the menu. All of that changed....

Our food arrived and we dug in. We happily munched away on our lunch until my husband's wrap fell apart and we noticed that the contents were not tofurkey at all. He had been eating a turkey sandwich. My sandwich was indeed tofurkey, but his was chalk-full of meat. Unfortunately, I had taken a bite of his food as well, so we both ate meat unknowingly. We were both physically sick when we realized the mistake.

For a restaurant that serves so many vegetarian and vegan options, we both felt like this was an unforgivable mistake. When told of the mistake our waitress didn't seem to understand the gravity of the situation. In fact, she didn't apologize and she still tried charged us for the sandwich!!!

Still being charged was the last straw. I, now in tears, approached the manager. The manager was much, much more understanding and apologetic. There were countless apologies and the manager took both of our sandwiches off of the tab.

The whole situation was disgusting and embarrassing. Needless to say, we'll never go back to Evo.

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We were so excited to go to this new place and then so disappointed in the end. I really enjoyed the old Living Earth Deli, but this was a far stretch from any kind of health food.

Expecting organic anything.don't there is none..salad, humus, chicken anything??? no I only found organic avocadoes...so disappointed.. How is this evolved food?
We wanted a soup and a sandwich. No vegetarian soup only meatball. The waitress was rude and could careless if we were around. Didn't ask us if we needed drinks or if we liked our food. Three to four of the staff were watching the tv including the waitress, they were more interested in the baseball steroid scandle, than cashing us out.
The best thing I ate was the pickle. I agree with the last post. What a shame, it used to be such a wonderful store with a great deli. Now the store is lifeless and the restaurant is nothing to recommend or write home about. Bummed out. If your looking for health food go elsewhere.

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