The Plant Cafe Organic

San Francisco, California


rating star

Almost everything is local and organic, but it's still reasonably priced ($10-12 per person without tip). My dining partner had a BBQ tempeh panini one day and a five-spice tempeh curry the other, both delicious and filling. They have a make-your-own salad option that is wonderful - you pick what you want on a checklist and hand it in. I also had their homemade veggieburger, which is pink because of the beets. It's gooey and yummy and a great meal. They make their own sorbet in-house. I tried blueberry-basil and the flavor was good, but it was more grainy than creamy. I also ate German chocolate cake, a chocolate-chip walnut cookie, and a chocolate cupcake with peanut butter frosting (not in one day!) - all vegan, all excellent. I thought the cookie was a bit crumbly, but buttery and rich.

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