Vosges Haut-Chocolat

Las Vegas, Nevada


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They don't have a huge selection of vegan chocolate but it's really good chocolate. A bit pricey too.

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I have always appreciated Vosges dark chocolate bars, but I was very excited to stumble upon the Vosges boutique in the Forum Shops at Caesar's Palace. The boutique had many more flavors of chocolate bars than you would be able to find in a grocery store and the employees were willing to give out samples of all of the chocolates! My favorite, by far, were the dark chocolate-covered dried mango chunks, dusted in sweet curry.

Another huge advantage of going to the boutique in Las Vegas was that one of the employees had an encyclopedic knowledge of the vegan products. When I mentioned that I was vegan, she got very excited and started telling me about how she's trying to get Vosges to start making a line of dark chocolate truffles with coconut milk (right now, NONE of their truffles are vegan because they are made with heavy cream).

Thanks to the extremely helpful employee, I have updated the Vosges description above to reflect the complete list of vegan products that are currently available (either in stores or on the Vosges website).

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