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I decided to eat at Milltown Grille after I realized that it was probably the only place in the Manchester airport with vegan food offerings. However, I was very pleasantly surprised by my meal. I decided to order three of the "snack" dishes, and all of them turned out to be really good.

The falafel had a nice texture and came with a delicious tahini sauce. It wasn't as spicy as I tend to like my falafel, but it always wasn't bland and greasy like most falafel that I've eaten while living in New Hampshire. The summer rolls had fresh mint leaves and cilantro on the inside and came with a ginger-flavored dipping sauce. My favorite "snack," however, was the Italian flabread, which I ordered without the mozzarella cheese (so it ended up being warm flatbread covered with tomato chunks, drizzled with balsamic vinegar).

There are also a couple of vegan martinis at Milltown Grille. I'm not normally one to drink liquor right before flying, but I couldn't resist ordering a caramel apple martini, which came with a cinnamon sugared rim. The bill ended up being higher than I generally like to spend on lunch (almost $20) but I was so glad to have a decent lunch before my 6-hour plane flight that I didn't mind splurging a little.

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