Whole Foods Market

Tucson, Arizona


Coming to visit from Santa Cruz, CA, I like it here.
It is cleaner and more professional than much of the PC lunacy in our comparable stores.
I was delighted to find Wild Oats, and will be a regular customer on my visits and eventually, as a newly married resident of your great state:)

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I seem to have a terrible time with the staff at this Wild Oats. Most of the cashiers (when you can actually find one at a register) seem to be quite rude. Wild Oats makes great vegan cookies, though, as I mentioned in another WO write up.

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This is a great place to find organic, non-GMO, natural food items, and pretty much any vegan staple you could ask for.

Having said that, the items are incredibly overpriced and the store is bursting at the seams with yuppies who suffer from an undeserved sense of entitlement. Expect to deal with people who will take up vast acres of space in the aisles and ignore you as you try to squeeze by. Expect to wait in line behind people who waste time with last-minute decisions that should have been made prior to queuing up. Expect to be mowed down by huge SUVs in the parking lot.

Better prices can be found at Sunflower and Trader Joe's. A more humane environment can be found at the Food Conspiracy Co-op. But Wild Oats might be the kind of place you'll want to avoid at all costs, given the many alternatives you have in Tucson.

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I'm a big fan of Wild Oats. I usually buy my produce at the Food Conspiracy Co-op, but I head to Wild Oats for most of my dry/canned/frozen goods. They often have the best prices in town for organic goods (you can find cheaper organic produce elsewhere, though).

The deli section of the store always has a few vegan dishes that you can take home with you or eat in the little store cafe. They also offer vegan cookies in the bakery (they typically have at least two varieties), and the Down Home Chocolate Cake is vegan (and very tasty). You usually have the option of buying a whole cake or purchasing just a slice.

Finally, Wild Oats has recently stopped carrying any product that contains hydrogenated oil--another big plus in my book.

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