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This is the best restaurant in Tucson! Food is vegan/vegetarian, healthy, and delicious. You leave feeling re-energized. Their website does not do them justice. It reads as though the food is bland when it fact it is the opposite. There is so much flavor and deliciousness in their food. If you haven't been there you need to go there!

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We go almost every Thursday for Vegan Day for a veggie fix. Not fancy, but excellent food. Good people.

My only complaint is that they only spread they put out for the bread is butter, even on Vegan Day.

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I've been here three times in the last couple of weeks and find the food to be basic, hearty and quite good. Price is extremely reasonable (i added an extra star for that) and it's worthwhile to take advantage of the buy 5 - get a 6th meal for free - so you get 6 meals for $54 (tax included).

Staff is very helpful and welcoming. It's an unusual ambience - serene, quite (it's adjacent to a Hari Krishna center) and comfortable dining experience.

The restaurant has all you can eat buffet style, basic vegetarian selections. Soup is excellent and choices are decent, tasty and will satisfy you, but nothing fancy (lasagna, mac/cheese, etc). I do keep on coming back again and again.

Be sure to see the amazing Koi pond and Peacock sanctuary in the back.

Well worth the visit.

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I love Govinda's. It's more than a meal, it's an experience. If you're not comfortable dining in a zen place connected to the Hare Krishna movement, it is not for you. They have a healthy buffet with good food. Not amazing but predictably good food.

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I love Govinda's. The cashew dressing is the best. The raw salad bar always has fresh and interesting items on it. I love sitting on the patio and have found the staff to be very friendly.

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I think the food is good but overpriced. If you are very hungry you might get your money's worth.

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Not very impressed with the vegan fare, though my vegetarian friends rave about it.

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I really love going here on Thursdays (vegan day).. my favorite thing is the mock fish sticks! From my experience the food actually tastes best on vegan day. Not sure why that is.. If you like homestyle cooking with not much processed food, it's great. The atmosphere looks nice but is not the most friendly, certain people seem to hold smiles hostage. But the food is worth it!

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I have mixed feelings and a little confusion with Govinda's.

Before my first visit I called ahead to make sure that the Eggplant Parmesan (buffet entree of the day) was vegan which I was so excited to find listed as "dairy free" on their website. I was told it was and that there was a few dairy items but those were marked. When we arrived I asked again if it was Vegan just to be sure and to let the cashier know that 2 of their newest visitors were vegan.

We loved the eggplant Parmesan but the "dairy free" mock mozzarella and cheddar cheese on it was very suspicious of casein. It was supposed to be vegan and it tasted better than any vegan cheese I've had. The dish was excellent. I decided to email a polite letter explaining my concern using the address on their site and did not hear back. A few weeks ago I emailed again and still no reply.

I imagine the dairy free lasagna I see listed on their site might use the same cheese. I'd love to go back if it was guaranteed casein free and not just "dairy free".

I think it would be awesome on so many levels if Govinda's made the shift to completely vegan.

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I visited Govinda's on "vegan day," but not everything was vegan (though dairy items were at least clearly marked). It was supposed to be a buffet, but they'd charge you extra for certain items. I ended up paying a lot of money but not being able to eat very much of what was offered.

I wish I could talk about the food, but it was pretty forgettable. I wish I liked it since it's one of Tucson's few all-vegetarian establishments, but it was just kind of ... boring.

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Govinda's has a small buffet of diverse and wholesome vegetarian food, most of which is vegan. They also have a salad bar with soy-based dressings. The buffet is not really cheap, but the food is good and the setting is unique.

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I'm not a fan of Govinda's. They're not very vegan-friendly; they use a lot of dairy products (though no eggs). There is one vegan day (Thursday), but the last time I was there on Thursday, not everything was vegan. (The samosas had cheese in them.) I'm also not too impressed by the prices. At lunch, you can easily spend $10 (buffet plus drink), and I don't think that the small buffet's offerings are worth the money. Finally, I just don't like the food very much.

I must say, though, that I used to work near Govinda's and my non-vegetarian co-workers went to Govinda's all the time and liked it a lot. I'm not sure what they saw in it though...

If you're in the Ft. Lowell/1st Ave area (near Govinda's), check out Taco Bron, which is right on the corner of First and Ft. Lowell. Their burritos are fantastic. I prefer getting my food to-go, though, as the chairs and tables (yes, tables) are covered in leather.

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