China Taste

Kane County, Illinois


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I usually don't add strip-mall Chinese restaurants to VegGuide unless they're special or different in some way. China Taste, as generic as its name may imply, is actually quite good and worth a stop if you're ever in the far western suburbs of Chicago (it's a good 50-60 minute drive from downtown Chicago).

For one thing, the service as China Taste is always friendly and welcoming. They have a nicely decorated dining section, too, in case you don't want take-out.

Their menu looks like your average Chinese take-out menu, but actually uses the word "vegetarian" in a category heading (instead of "vegetables," which sounds like it'd be vegetarian, but it's often not). Indeed, all of the dishes in this section actually are vegetarian---no oyster sauce, no chicken broth, etc.

The dishes themselves are spicy and taste fresh, and not bogged down in oil and corn starch. I recommend one of their tofu dishes with garlic sauce---definitely a winner.

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