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The food is okay. They're greasier than I prefer but not too extreme. As other reviews state, the hummus is only mediocre. The reason I only visit Ali Baba's one a year, despite living within walking distance of the place, is because it's a time-intensive venture. A quick lunch is completely out of the question here, and dinner will take your whole evening (hours, literally). If you are looking for a place to 'camp' for the day, this is it; however, if dinner and a movie are on the agenda, avoid Ali Baba's.

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I visited Ali Baba's recently on a lunch break.
The atmosphere is very relaxing and the menu had many options that were Vegetarian and Vegan. Me and my companion are both vegetarian and we were able to find meals that were delicious and satisfying. We asked the young lady who served us for her suggestion and went with what she had suggested and we were very pleased!

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The new owner is really nice, but that could be due to the fact that he and my father grew up in the same town in Iran. They offer many vegetarian and vegan options, though I'm always confused on what exactly is vegan for certain. If you go, just try to specify what products you cannot eat, but if you're vegan that you are already used to doing that.

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I was not at all impressed with the food nor the service here. I waited a very long time just to be brought a menu and then again to order. I had decided to leave just as they finally came to my table. The food was nothing special and I love mediterranean food. I will not try it again, nor will I suggest it to anyone else.

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Walking through the door, it didn't look too promising as a vegan eatery, but I found myself pleased with my order. I had a grilled veggie sandwich, which was very good but a little too greasy for my tastes. I sampled my companion's falafel, which was even better.

The waiter was incredibly friendly, and seemed very knowledgeable when I asked him questions about ingredients.

The hummus was pretty good but I'm still on my search for the Best Hummus In Tucson.

There is a neat little market in the back where you can get specialty items such as pomegranate molasses, rose water, and vegetable ghee.

NB: The lentil soup is made with chicken broth!

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I had the falafel plate and while the falafel was fine, I didn't enjoy the hummus or the tabouli. The salad was pretty good (came with the entree) and seemed larger and fresher than most restaurant side salads. The waitress knew about my restrictions and told me what I could and couldn't eat.

There's a lot to choose from on the menu; next time I'll try something else because I am going to give it another shot.

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The Ali Baba veggie pita sandwich is, in my opinion, the best meal in Tucson under $10. Cauliflower, eggplant & garlic potato with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and tahini sauce. It's fantastic.

Even with a market and to-go orders happening, the place is quiet and clean. The employees are consistently friendly, reserved and professional. There is never any obnoxious music playing; only the occasional chirp of a little songbird hopping around happily in a cage in the corner. Excellent.

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