Tucson, Arizona


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The person who took our order was very knowledgeable about ingredients. There is a whole page of vegetable entrees that can be made vegetarian/vegan upon request (default preparation usually involves fish sauce). I had a vegetarian pad Thai without egg, and my dining companion had a curry that was absolutely amazing.

Spicy dishes are marked as such on the menu, but you can specify mild, medium, or hot. My companion requested a mild curry and that's what he got -- so if you usually shy away from spicy dishes, you might be able to handle them here if you request mild preparation.

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This is restaurant has delicious food with many vegetarian/vegan options. For example, the lunch menu options have choices of beef, chicken, or tofu, so you can order almost anything on the menu by choosing the tofu. Everything is very tasty too, especially the curries. Both lunch and dinner are great, including the prices.

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