Linnea's Cafe

San Luis Obispo, California


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Linnea's is a quaint little coffee shop with an ample array of vegan baked goods, from muffins and cookies to cupcakes, brownies and cakes. It seemed like half of what they have is vegan and many of those are also gluten-free.

I had a gluten-free chocolate chip vegan cookie ($2) which was great: soft, moist and delicious. I also got a chocolate banana brownie ($3) which was also really tasty, if decadent.

They also have a large selection of loose-leaf tea flavors, which I really liked.

While there appears to be ample seating in the back, I came on a day with live poetry readings; so all those seats in the back were taken. Up front there's only a few spots to sit and it's pretty cramped, so keep that in mind if you plan on coming for a while.

The service was really friendly and welcoming. I'll be back!

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