Golden West Cafe

Baltimore, Maryland


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First time visit to Golden West Cafe:

- Even though the place was crowded and there were others waiting to be seated, my boyfriend and I were seated immediately.

- Appetizer -> White beans in a spicy garlic balsamic glaze served with toast. This was a very sizable appetizer and the flavor was intense; even my normally bean-disliking boyfriend ate his share (fyi, he's an omnivore).

- Entree -> Vegan Pumpkin Curry Soup. This tasted like the delicious curry sauce one would get at a good Thai restaurant; I almost wanted to have some tofu chunks it it to go along with the flavor. I also tried some of teriyaki-fried brussell sprouts that came with my boyfriend's meal, and they were delicious as well.

- Dessert -> Vegan blueberry cake with lemon frosting. . It tasted like a slightly sweeter blueberry muffin -- which was good because it wasn't too sweet, and they weren't to heavy on the frosting either. Overall, a satisfying and dense piece of homemade cake.

- Overall, the service was spectacular; I don't think I've ever had a meal that quickly in a restaurant before, plus the drink refills were constant and intuitive. The longest we had to wait for anything was 10 minutes for the check. Everything tasted amazing and had a very intense, if a bit salty.

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The Golden West Cafe has a great selection of vegan desserts these days: coconut lime cake, chocolate cake, carrot cake and dairy-free ice cream sundaes. The coconut lime cake is amazing. So is the drink menu. Best of all, Golden West Cafe is one of the only places in Baltimore where you can get a vegan white russian! The only downside is that the Golden West Cafe is also a music venue so it can be quite noisy at times (not ideal if you are trying to have a conversation).

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