Rocket To Venus

Baltimore, Maryland


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I ate dinner at Rocket To Venus tonight and wasn't very impressed with my meal. The Sloppy Jo-fu was literally a pile of scrambled tofu and sauce on a bun, which made the bun far too soggy to pick it up. The first few bites were decent enough but there was a lot more tofu on the plate than I could really bear to eat.

I think my bad experience was largely based on the menu item that I chose. There were some pretty tasty-sounding salads on the menu which I probably should have ordered instead. On a more positive note, there were a number of really interesting drink specials and our waitress was pretty attentive. Also, if I wasn't basing my rating primarily on the food, I would probably give Rocket To Venus an extra point for having a neat ambiance (and a really great story about how the restaurant got its name - check it out on their website!)

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