Delectables Restaurant & Catering

Tucson, Arizona


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I went there with my husband. At first we were a little taken aback because I had heard that they were very vegan friendly, but all I saw were cheesy vegetarian menu items. I asked the waiter and he brought us vegan menus. Saints be praised! A whole menu of vegan items! We got the hummus for an appetizer, which was good. The hummus was standard, but it had a great selection of both bread and veggies to dip. I got a sandwich, which was awesome, and my husband got the artichoke pasta... which was AWESOME.

rating star

Very cute place. I got the hummus sandwich which was good. Wish they had more vegan (entree) choices though. Vegetarian will like this place for sure. Prices were pretty reasonable; I like the variety of appetizers that could be a light meal.

Decor is nice. Stylish yet still comfortable, and the 4th Avenue location always makes for an interesting experience (for good or ill).

Many vegetarian options alongside meat-based dishes. Vegan dishes are few and far between, though. I checked their menu online and counted two vegan dishes. Maybe a couple of vegetarian dishes could be made vegan, but many of the vegetarian dishes are cheese-heavy.

So, as a vegan, I'm not thrilled. But I'd wager that non-vegan vegetarians would enjoy this place quite a bit.

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