India Queen

Hanover, New Hampshire


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India Queen, how do you stay in business? Your food is terrible so it must be the karaoke that keeps the masses happy.

I ate here a few times during my Dartmouth days but was consistently disappointed. The curry sauces tasted like the tomato paste you get out of a can of Chef Boyardee ravioli.

Go to Jewel of India, which is a block away, instead.

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This restaurant offers a variety of vegetarian dishes. In fact, the vegetarian menu is basically identical to that of Jewel of India (located about 100 meters down the road). Unfortunately, the service here is TERRIBLE. The one time I came here to eat, I ended up waiting 3 hours for my food (every 30 minutes I was told that the food would be right out and I embarrassingly believed them). I suggest eating at Jewel of India instead and coming here for drinks on karaoke night.

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