Blue Willow

Tucson, Arizona


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Gross food and gross atmosphere! This restaurant feels kind of dirty and grubby, and the vegetarian food is bland beyond bland. They offer many tofu dishes, but unfortunately they don't know how to cook tofu. It tasted like it was microwaved or boiled or something, and there was not enough flavor to cover the nakedness of the tofu. The breakfast potatoes were burnt on the outside, undercooked on the inside. Our waitress was rude and distracted, and she didn't get my order correct (I asked for no cheese, but she didn't write it down, so my dish had a pound of cheese melted on top).

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The Blue Willow has some somewhat decent food that is definitely outdone by other restaurants in town. They do have quite a few vegetarian choices, though, that can be ordered vegan (though don't expect them to remember that), and more vegan options than most restaurants.

The Blue Willow has three problems: Atmosphere (kind of a broken-down living room look to the place--mismatched tables and chairs, diningware, etc.), service--the waiters/cooks ALWAYS mess your order up somehow--usually they forget something on it, or add something you don't want), and price--for the small amount of food/sloppy dining room/unexpected additions/subtractions from plate, you sure do pay a lot.

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Far too few Tucsonans are willing to admit the sad truth that Blue Willow serves bland, boring food. Their menu includes several vegetarian items, all of which taste as though they are made about twice a month, kept frozen, and then microwaved when ordered. If I want T.V. dinners, I'll make them myself.

While the patio section is quite lovely, the atmosphere suffers from the proximity to the kitchen, which, judging from several different personal experiences, hosts conversations and exclamations unlikely to be heard outside of a brothel.

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Before I was vegan, I went to the Blue Willow all the time for breakfast. The food is fantastic, and the patio seating in back is a beautiful, relaxing place to spend your morning or afternoon. Their breakfast dishes are wonderful, with a variety of veg selections focusing on eggs. They do offer tofu as a replacement for eggs in any of their dishes, and I personally preferred the breakfast burrito with tofu instead of eggs. It's really much better that way.

Strict vegans need to ask about ingredients, though, as the refried beans and potatoes may contain butter. (This is why I don't go the Blue Willow much anymore.)

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