Maya Quetzal

Tucson, Arizona


rating star

It's nice to be able to go to a Central American restaurant, and not just have veg fajitas as the only option. We had a kind of spinach cutlet, served with salad, rice and beans, and it was really tasty. Try their tamarind soda too - it's amazing.

rating star

I love this restaurant! It's got a humble, authentic atmosphere, and very good service. I actually had a huge family dinner (~40 people) there on Cinco de Mayo one year, and the restaurant staff were AMAZING in accommodating us. They made all sorts of special exceptions for us, as they usually don't take reservations or huge groups. They set up the whole back patio to accommodate us, it was so nice of them (especially on a busy night like Cinco de Mayo)! Everyone was delighted with their food, and the service was incredibly on top of it. They managed to take care of all of us, and other customers in the main restaurant, with only 2-3 wait staff! They have a separate vegetarian section on their menu, which makes it so easy for us veggers to order (rather than having to scrutinize the menu to figure out what's vegetarian).

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