Maoz Vegetarian Restaurant

Boca Raton, Florida


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The best vegan fast food I have ever had!

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Went there tonight. When this Maoz first opened the food was always alot better.. After a couple of months for some reason I keep getting cold falafel balls and have ask for fresh sandwich. Tonight even the fries which were always fresh were even old. It is SOOOO easy to make a great falafel sandwich.

The tahini has no tahini flavor...Oh lord when will Mamouns "come on down"????

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The falafel was delicious. I had the junior Maoz sandwich with sweet potato fries and it was super yummy. I wish they had a Maoz closer to my home. I would be there everyday.

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It's 100% vegetarian and very vegan-friendly.There are just a couple of things they offer that include dairy/eggs, like the coleslaw. It's almost all vegan.

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