Maoz Vegetarian Restaurant

Manhattan, New York City


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For $5.39 you get a decent falafel sandwich with a number of fixings should you choose to add them. I personally didn't find any of the condiment bar to be appealing (and it's pretty basic, compared to the toppings you can get at Amsterdam Falafel in Washington DC), but it's nice that it's there, I guess.

The falafel itself was decent, but not great. It could have been crisper on the outside and less cilantro-flavored on the inside.

However, I LOVED the wholewheat pita they gave me (they also have white flour), which was soft, fluffy and wonderful.

On a whole, I'm sure there's better falafel to be found in NYC, but Maoz is decent, affordable and wholly vegetarian, so it stands out for that reason alone.

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