Vienna Espresso Bar and Bakery

Lafayette, Indiana

American vegan food and vegan baked goods

Restaurant, Coffee/Tea/Juice

Build-your-own-sandwich cafe with vegan baked desserts. Offers dishes such as tempeh reubens and more.

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The vegan chocolate cupcakes at Vienna are 5 stars. These sugary delights are flying under the radar and not getting the press they deserve. Dare I say, they are better than the cupcakes at Fritz Pastry in Chicago, better than Babycakes cupcakes and tied with the cupcakes at Raphsodic vegan bakery in Orlando. I also tried their vegan pumpkin bread which was fantastic.

This seems like one of those wonderful cafes that you can come with a laptop or a book and just hang out as long as you want. Totally laid back atmosphere inside.

To be honest, the sandwich my parter had and the hummus and pita bread I had were just "meh". The pita bread tasted like it was warmed up in a mircowave and the olives on it tasted like cheap canned black olives. So I wouldn't come here for the food. Now, I've only been here twice so it's possible they have a killer sandwich on the menu I just haven't discovered yet. First impressions are that the real stand-outs at this place are the vegan baked goods and stay-a-while vibe.

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vegan chocolate cupcakes

vegan chocolate cupcakes

interior entrance hummus and pita bread


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