Herrell's Ice Cream

Northhampton, Massachusetts


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Update: I am downgrading my rating of Herrell's from "great" to "good." When I first visited Herrell's, I was thrilled just to find an ice cream parlor with vegan options in Western MA. However, Northampton is an extremely vegan-friendly town and the number of dining establishments that cater to vegans is rapidly expanding. As a result, the fact that Herrell's has 1-2 "No Moo" flavors at a time doesn't make it stand out any more. My other reason for changing the rating is that the dairy-free ice cream has a noticeable soy aftertaste. I wasn't bothered by this aspect when I reviewed Herrell's in 2009, in part because coconut milk-based ice cream was much less common back then.

Original Review: May 24, 2009

Herrell's "No Moo" ice cream is creamy and delicious. The consistency is perfect and I love the fact that it doesn't have a soy aftertaste.

My only complaint is that they seem to only have one "No Moo" flavor at a time. I realize that they probably have a lot more customers buying the dairy flavors, but it would be nice for vegans to have a little more to choose from.

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