Woodstar Cafe

Northhampton, Massachusetts


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Today I had a smoked tofu sandwich and a vegan chocolate cupcake. LOVED both. Have had many vegan peanut cookies there in the past, and they range from very moist to somewhat dry. The service was outstanding. I also enjoy their vegan granola bars - very filling.

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I wasn't terribly impressed with the vegan peanut butter cookie that I had at Woodstar. It was dense and somewhat stale. If Woodstar was located almost anywhere else, I would probably give them a more favorable rating for having vegan baked goods. However, there are so many coffee shops and restaurants with wonderful vegan cookies in the area that I would recommend going elsewhere.

On the plus side, the soy chai is really good, and rumor has it that Woodstar makes the best macchiatos in Northampton, so Woodstar is worth checking out if you're not looking for food to go with your hot beverage.

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