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A Little Eatery and Tea Place

Amherst tea cafe with a number of vegan options (labeled with a "v" on the menu).

Added by Lola on Dec 14 08 (last updated Dec 14 08)

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I love freshside. Me and my boyfriend go every friday night haha. The teas are great, i love the yuzee tea and the chilled thai tea. The teriyaki rice is yummy, white rice steamed veggies and tofu, all with a tasty teriyaki sauce. Another one of my faves is the bi-bim pasta. warning though, its extremely spicy! The pad thai tea rolls are yummy too :)

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I was overjoyed after my first visit at Fresh Side. The tea was wonderful (though they don't have vegan-friendly sugar, in case you use sugar in your tea) and the tea rolls we had were simply delicious and an awesome deal. Sooo many vegan options it's exciting to any vegan. Everything on the menu sounds wonderfully tantilizing. The Coconut Curry Tofu soup was amazing. It was sooooo good I can't recommend it enough. Our server was polite and deserving of a good tip. My second time to Fresh Side, however, was not as pleasing (though with the first being such a good experience I still recommend to anyone!). My second visit, our server was clueless and really seemed to have no idea what he was doing (or perhaps even where he was). Then, we got our dinners. The Satay Rice (which I was quite looking forward to) was overburdened by cilantro. Unbearably so. Ruined the dish. Both my partner and I got it (mine with tofu, his with chicken though) and we both had the same displeasing experience. There were also surprise water chestnuts that didn't fit in the dish and were piled into it. For a satay, not enough peanut. Just lots and lots of cilantro. I'm not running to go back to Fresh Side but it's still a lovely place I'd go to again. sometime.

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