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the mudpie shake i had was pretty tasty, though i expected it to be sweeter. the cookies and creme shake my boyfriend had was excellent! and you could still drink it through a straw so it was not chunky at all and still retained that vanilla sweetness of the creme of the oreos.

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I place my order for my milkshake and was told by the woman at the counter to return later on to get my drink because another woman would be coming and she would make my drink. When I asked when to return she said she wasn't sure but that it would be at least 15 minutes. It is a confusing story and I'll admit I was confused by the event. I'm not sure why she couldn't make my milkshake. She had just finished making someone a juice, so she wasn't a new employee and she had showed me the soy ice cream she was going to use, so she wasn't out of an ingredient. Very very strange.

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