Cafe Gratitude

Marin County, California


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This restaurant is now on my all-time favorites list, not so much because of the food (which is very good!), but more so for the calm, positive vibe it puts out. When I sat down and ordered my food, I just felt good. The servers' insistence on referring to dishes as "I am Filled", "I am Grateful", and "I am Peaceful" instead of calling them what they are - enchiladas, salads, sandwiches, etc, was a slightly annoying and hippie for me, but I nevertheless enjoyed my visit tremendously.

I looked through the cards on the table that had wonderful sayings, quotes, and exercises that emphasize the importance of being gracious, thankful, appreciating abundance, and recognizing friends for their accomplishments. I was so impressed and that I dropped a ridiculous $45 to buy the board game that these cards apparently belonged to!

As for the food....I started with a green juice (your typical green juice), and the raw bagel, which was a first for me. It came with a creamy nut cheese, sprouts, and caper "caviar" on a sprouted seed bun. I'm not a huge fan of raw bread but this was very interesting and I did enjoy it.

For my entree, I went with the raw enchiladas, which were pretty good. My favorite part of the dish was the "Mexican cabbage salad", which seemed pretty simple but had a wonderful, unidentified dressing on it. For dessert, I had the maca cacao ball, which was good, but didn't satisfy my craving for a rich, decadent dessert.

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