Flat Top Grill

Madison, Wisconsin


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They are very understanding and helpful for vegans. You choose all your own ingredients, and they stir-fry it up for you. There's a lot of risk for cross-contamination, because everything is laid out buffet-style, so probably avoid if you have allergies. But they do a great job of labeling all their sauces with "allergens" (which for me just makes it easy to avoid fish sauce, milk, eggs, honey, etc.) They have several styles of mock meat (found in the vegetable section, it took me awhile to find them) which I haven't seen other places. They have Quorn (NOT VEGAN), but also something called "veet" which is vegan, as well as tofu and some others. You can ask the staff. You can also request that your meal be cooked in a separate wok rather than on the big grill with everyone else's. Tip: dish your rice out onto a separate plate, which can be found on the counter by the cooks, so that it doesn't take up valuable space in your veggie bowl!

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