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Great for vegetarians as well as vegans, and meat eaters will be happy here also. Great variety of yum-o-licious mock meats and vegetables. Excellent variety of sauces.

Here's the protocol: the hostess seats you then you're greeted by your waitress. Place your drink order then you write your name on the little wooden stick at your table. Take the stick up to the food bar with you and grab a bowl. Go down the line adding rice, noodles, mock meats, veggies, nuts, sauces, whatever you like. At the end of the line, there is a stick for "food allergies" - add that stick to your bowl to have it grilled on the veg-only grill. Also, if you like roti bread, add the "roti bread" stick and they'll put one in your bowl. For some reason they do not have tofu on the main buffet, instead you put a "tofu stick" in your bowl and the chef will add the tofu. Put your wooden stick in the bowl so they know what table to deliver it to once it's grilled.

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We go out to FTG at least twice a month. So nice to go to a restaurant close by that has food to please this vegan, her carnivorous husband and 3 picky kids. The wait staff are friendly and educated about vegan food, and the veggies are fresh. Make sure to add a white stick to your bowl, and it will be cooked on a separate wok, unlike Mongolian BBQ, where you have to stand at a separate "allergy" window.

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My wife and I eat here all the time. As vegans, we don't have as many options when we want to eat out. It's nice to be able to depend on FTG. No matter, Flat Top always has healthy vegan options, and their veggies tend to be fairly fresh too. The teenage wait staff is almost too friendly, which I'm sure is great for folks who've never had a Flat Top experience; on the other hand, the overly solicitous waitstaff might irk some veterans.

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Flat Top Grill is yet another chain that that disproves the axiom that chain-restaurants must be bland and vegan-unfriendly.

While the Mongolian grill set-up is fairly familiar, FTG spices things up by having unusual ingredients (such as seitan, BBQ tempeh, "Veat" chicken, and curry pakora) and well-balanced, thoughtful sauces (such as Vietnamese soy, which has a spicy kick, and Indian "vindahoo"). These features alone put FTG a cut above the competition but, to make things even better, FTG has cheap cocktails and a good bar area.

The ambience is classy-modern, with a lot of red and black tones everywhere. This is a good place to take a date or to bring the family.

The prices are reasonable for lunch, though maybe a bit on the high side for dinner ($10 for an unlimited lunch, $15 for dinner); however, if you're any kind of student, you get a $1 discount at lunch and $2 discount at dinner.

Pretty much all of the sauces (except for one or two) are vegan, and all of the mockmeats are vegan, except for the Quorn. Everything that is vegan is labeled, which is extremely helpful, and this also puts the word "vegan" more into the mainstream, as FTG is a bustling, popular chain in the Chicagoland area; "vegetarian" is not used anywhere, as far as I could tell.

I liked that no matter what combination of ingredients or sauces I used, I always came out with something really tasty. The cooking time seems a bit long (roughly 7-9 minutes per bowl), especially since I was the only person in the restaurant when I went in the late afternoon. I think it might be a calculated effort to slow down your eating, thereby making you consume less food; but that's a savvy business decision which leads to smaller waistlines, so I'm okay with it.

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