Dao Palate

Brooklyn, New York City


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I marked this restaurant as being "great", not so much because of the food but because of its beautiful decor and its huge glass windows/doors that open up in the summer time (a feature that many veg restaurants lack). I did enjoy my food here but I feel that their menu is too similar to other Pan Asian restaurants in NYC (Wild Ginger, Vegetarian Ginger, etc), offering the typical General Tso's tofu, orange "chicken", and more. I'd really like to see such restaurants develop their own specialty that differs from what other Asian veg restaurants offer.

I started with the spinach wonton soup and really enjoyed it. The wontons (which I think were filled w/ a tofu/veg meat/mushroom mixture) were very good and I liked the pieces of spinach in the soup, but I thought the slices of veggie ham in it were unnecessary and a bit awkward to eat w/ the wontons. For my drink, I had the mango lassi because this is probably the first place I've found that makes it with soy milk and soy yogurt (veg Indian restaurants always just use dairy). The mango lassi had a good, creamy texture and I liked the mango flavor, but I think the flavor of the plain soy yogurt was overpowering.

For my entree, I went with the orange seitan with broccoli, which has come highly recommended. I did enjoy it but didn't think it was anything spectacular (perhaps my expectations were too high). I feel that there was too much breading in comparison to the seitan and it was a bit chewy. My non-veg dining partner had the General Tso's tofu and really enjoyed it (and he also liked my seitan). I tried the tofu and preferred it to my orange seitan.

The meals come beautifully prepared with a fresh flower on the plate, but I must say I'm always a bit grossed out at the thought of flowers being reused on plates (what if someone sneezed all over the flower?). Perhaps they use fresh flowers for each plate, but considering the quality of the flowers they use, I think this is very unlikely. The service was prompt and friendly and the restaurant was very clean (very nice bathroom) so I would return again and will look for something less commonly offered on the menu.

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