Gold Taco

Mexico City, Mexico


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This is easily one of the best restaurants I've ever eaten at in my entire life. It makes me wish that there were a rating above "excellent" so that I could distinguish it from the merely "excellent" restaurants I've eaten at in the past. The menu is huge and extremely varied, it is vegan-friendly, the food is very cheap, the staff is knowledgeable, and they sell veg*n products to-go, including the fresh veggie meat and shelf-stable products.

I went for lunch with a non-veg, VERY meat-loving friend, and we were both very impressed. He got his "enfrijoladas" with cheese (basically enchiladas covered with soupy refried beans instead of chili sauce), and thought they were good. He also had a vegan torta (I can't recall which), that he also really enjoyed. However, what we both LOVED were the vegan tacos. I thought all three that I had were amazing (cochinta, chicharones, and al pastor), but he thought the al pastor was a bit off. He really liked the former two and said they taste very much like "the real thing". I also had the vegan pozole (hominy corn soup with tomato/chili broth), and really enjoyed it....once I picked out the mushrooms. Note, if you hate mushrooms like I do, you may want to order something else, as 1/3 - 1/2 the bowl is mushrooms.

I'm not sure if they had any vegan desserts, as we had to run, but I liked that they had a fresh guava drink that didn't contain milk - delicious! My dining partner picked up the check so I don't know what our entire bill came out to, but I do know that three tacos (mix and match) cost about $2.50 - amazing! The price goes down as you order more, up to about 10 tacos. I was literally considering delaying my flight to go back to this place.

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