Food Conspiracy Co-op

Tucson, Arizona


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The soups are really delicious, especially on those rare cold days in Tucson. The BLT is my husband's favorite.

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A good range of vegan and vegetarian products, and reasonable prices. Very friendly too. We were disappointed by the amount of take-away food available, but then again, we were there on a Sunday, so they possibly don't have much available then.

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There is fantastic produce here, possibly the best in town. I bought some locally grown strawberries here last October that I used to decorate a chocolate cake. I remember dipping the leftover strawberries in the leftover frosting, and those strawberries were more delicious than the cake itself. Wow! It's also a good place to shop when you're going to prepare something veggie-intensive, like gazpacho or minestrone.

The bulk herb/spice section is also very comprehensive; the only time I couldn't find what I was looking for was when I was making an Indian dish and had to go to an Indian grocery for onion seeds.

It can be a little pricey, so I try only to buy other items when they're on sale.

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I love the co-op. They have excellent produce and a lot of vegan baking mixes. They also have a good selection of vegan snacks and chocolates.

You might need to say 'excuse me' to get the attention of your cashier, however.

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The co-op has some of the best produce in town! I always come here for my fresh fruits and veggies. They have really great produce prices.

The prices on the dry goods are generally competitive with the larger stores like Wild Oats, though the co-op has higher prices more often than lower. (Though the difference is often just a few pennies, which is offset by my co-op membership discount.) The bulk section is great, and they have an excellent bulk herb selection.

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