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Best Nachos Ever! (and just about everything else too)

La Casa del Pan is a vegetarian paradise located a short walk from the very nice artisan's market. The interior design is layered with beautiful fuana and murals mixing Mayan and Buddhist motifs. the nachos...they come out and I jokingly say to the waiter...are these for 10 people? It looked huge. And then we started digging in. We could have eaten one each between the two of us! The nachos are like no nachos that you encounter in the Super Mercado Americano! These are home made with locally grown corn. These things all SOUND nice but really there's a difference. Layered, almost luxuriously on these king nachos...were delicious beans, cheese and the freshest salsa that we've had...both sweet and spicy. Who'd imagine we'd go on so much about nachos...but these were divine.

We had yummy lemonade. My girlfriend was falling in love
with the empanadas. It was a sensual experience! There
were three kinds...potatoes and cheese, spinach and subtle
curried vegetables inside a flaky pastry. Heaven! I had
wonderful veggie fajitas with tofu, seitan and deliciously
prepared veggies.

La Casa del Pan was really a wonderful experience and so worth supporting. This place was obviously a big hit for us. We only wish we had more time to work through the entire menu!

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