Turtle Bread Company

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I sometimes have lunch at the downtown skyway location, but am certainly aware of the other locations. In any case, the offering of vegetarian and vegan soups is as good as it gets in the Twin Cities.

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The split pea soup and the bread that came with it were both delicious. They had a garbanzo soup I sampled as well, which was fabulous, too. I was happy to see the vegan and vegetarian soups labled clearly. They had maybe 8 soups and two were vegan - that's better than I had expected. They have several kinds of fresh bread, and the ingredients are listed for them all. I was very impressed - and it has a nice atmosphere, too.

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While they don't have a lot of vegan options, their soups and breads are always yummy. Unfortunately no vegan desserts. It's a nice place for lunch.

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