Las Vegas, Nevada


No vegan food - all their fake meats have egg whites.

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Two thumbs up! Good vegetarian subs!

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Capriotti's is a great place to go for a vegetarian sub! They have soy meats like turkey, bologna and salami. They also offer a great eggplant sub and a veggie burger. There are many locations throughout the valley, over a dozen.

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Capriotti's is awesome! There are several locations throughout the valley too. They have several great vegetarian sandwiches...including soy lunch meat sandwiches (which are hard to find at restaurants), a great eggplant sandwich and a veggie burger. They are great!

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This restaurant is NOT Vegan Friendly. ALL their fake meats have WHEY in them. Unless you just want a sandwich with lettuce and tomatoe a Vegan has nothing to eat there! Soy Deli slices are also not vegan they have casien in them (a derivitive of milk!) For the average vegetarian it is fine, but they have nothing for vegans.

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