Thai Papaya Garden

Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas


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I had a heck of a time finding this place last week while on business, even using my handy GPS, but I finally made it around closing time, and they accommodated me. I ordered fried tofu egg rolls that came with two delicious sauces (a peanut sauce and another delicious apple-like sauce), a gluten salad, and taro boba. The food was good, but I would probably have a hard time finding the restaurant again since I don't visit Dallas very often.

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Papaya Garden is extremely delicious! Everything there is FRESH! They have Vegan dishes as well for those that are health nuts. I go to this restaurant at least twice a month. The staff is very friendly and cater to you. The environment is very peaceful and relaxing. Great for lunch to get away from the stressful job. They are just simply great!

rating star

Great thai food with lots of vegan options. Basically any entree can be made vegan with a choice of tofu or gluten. Staff is considerate and aware of vegan diets (they warned me that their salad dressing has eggs and offered a peanut sauce as a substitute). Great spring rolls and really tasty gluten.

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