Long Life Vege

Las Vegas, Nevada


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Very good "chicken" sandwich. The people are friendly and even my boyfriend who only eats vegan or vegetarian meals if there is no meat in the house for him to eat, liked it. Make sure to tell them to leave the egg out on vegan meals though. I don't think they have a substitute/replacer.

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Wow, this place was great! My husband and I went there when we were on our honeymoon in Vegas. Both of us were vegan and we were amazed with the selections. The waitress knew which things were vegan and was very friendly. The prices were great, too. It was yummy!

rating star

These people are the friendliest people in the business. Their food is excellent. The seafood in the store is all real but all the other meat substitutes they use are Vegan. They also don't use any type of animal in their sauces, and anything that has egg in it can be ordered to keep it out. They are the best vegan friendly place in Vegas, and the best Chinese food I have had in the 11 years I have lived here.

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