Go Raw Cafe - Westside

Las Vegas, Nevada


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Delicious juices and raw goodies for when you want to feel good.

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I'm a little surprised by some these reviews/ratings. This is, after all, gourmet VEGAN RAW FOOD! The portions are not typically huge, because this is not the cheap, heavily-processed, low-quality junk that you'll find at most restaurants in the U.S.A. The food here is of the highest quality and finest taste. And you'll pay for that. (It's 4-star food in a 1-star setting.) If you're on welfare or a Wal-Mart budget and you expect something along the lines of yet another spoiled-brat-minded freebie handout or an all-you-can-eat place for the cost of Luby's Cafeteria, you will likely be disappointed. (As I can tell by some of these reviews/ratings.) Still, it's surprising to me that there are ratings for this venue of 1 (lowly, measly) Star for a restaurant that features VEGAN RAW FOOD!

For raw cuisine, Go Raw is about as good as it gets. It's the only restaurant in the entire U.S. that gets my coveted rating of a perfect 5. It's that good. And compared to other raw restaurants around the country, the prices are actually cheaper than most places; and yet, the food is better! Try to beat that!

Go Raw has so many flavors, so many carefully-prepared layers, that it's easy for this stuff to be sensational. The Lasagna is to live for! The Green Burrito will blow you away! As will the other dishes as well.

No doubt, the Soup Nazi would love to get his hands on these recipes!

Go Raw!

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I went here when I was on holiday. It was a nice place but I had a Hell of a time finding the place from the Strip.

The food was very good. I got a big portion (the burger I ordered came with lots of sprouted seeds and salad, some avocado dippers and sauce). The smoothies were also filling, as was the pizza.

I would have gone back if it wasn't so far away from the Strip.

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I didn't like this place, if you plan to go there plan on spending a lot of money and leaving hungry. I would recommend going to MedCafe or Rainbow's End Vegetarian Cafe. This place leaves you broke and hungry. :(

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During a recent trip to Vegas, Go Raw Cafe provided our dining highlight. It is a shame they can't deliver to The Strip or they may see even more business. We drove out to it in a rental.

The food was great and the prices were very fair (even being Canadian and having a weak conversion rate on the dollar).

While the prices are reasonable, if you expect a .99 cent fast food value menu - don't go here! That's not what it is about. And don't go here looking for a chi-chi setting with towel boys in the bathroom. That's not what it is about either!

It's about the food and the food is great!

Again, a location closer to The Strip or a cost-effective delivery to The Strip would boost sales. Had it been there, we would have purchased at least a meal a day as there are so few vegan options in Sin City.

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Their food is good and very vegan friendly. Their portions are incredibly small and twice what I think they should be. I usually find myself only eating there two or three times a year because I am not rich enough to fill myself up there, and I alway need to go to another place or have a snack for a filling meal. Their food is very fresh and invigorating though.

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