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Dallas - Fort Worth, Texas


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I took a large group of friends here for lunch. I am allergic to milk, eggs, soy and wheat. The waiter told us that most entrees can be made vegan. The nan bread is made with milk. So we substituted brown rice.

We ordered : samosas, lentil soup, the taco trinity, dharma bell and I hate eggplant. The taco trinity and dharma bell were my favorites. We could not eat any of the desserts because they all had milk, eggs or soy.

The entree servings are very large and you will have left overs unless you order from the celestial light offerings side of the menu. My friends said they would go back.

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The outside and inside of the building screams 60s hippie! But the food is great! There are a few items on the menu that can be made vegan. If you are allergic to milk or eggs, the nan bread and desserts do have milk and eggs.

I took my mother and friends here to eat. They loved the hummus plate, tomato dreams soup, dharma bell, cosmic stir fry and fold in thyme with cheese sandwich. They said they'd come back and eat at the Cosmic Cafe.

I am allergic to mushrooms, basil, soy, milk, eggs, wheat, gluten, beans, legumes and peanuts. It was hard for me to find something I could eat here. Almost everything had soy, tofu, legumes, beans, or wheat in it. I could not eat any of the appetizers, soups, desserts or entrees.

The cook made me a special corn tortilla filled with sauteed zucchini, onions, bell peppers, and carrots with a small salad. Cosmic Cafe delivered a delicious allergen free meal to me.

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From J and B's Veggie Head Video Reviews, available on YouTube:
Cosmic Cafe is among our favorite places to eat. The atmosphere is full of calm energy, the service is cool and quick, and the food contains some of the most inspiring vegetarian choices available. Try the Rumi's Falafel, the Cosmic Stir, or the Hint of Thyme. All lovely. The patio is a great summer spot to sit quietly and watch the world hurry by.

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Good, service is slow. Do not wait until you are hungry, eat first, then go. Dishes are hit or miss, try Buddha's Delight.

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The food was very good, very high quality. The staff is calm, cool, and friendly. They are helpful and quick. Sit outside in the back and you'll forget you're in the city. They offer vegan and vegetarian deserts, and the same with the entrees. Eat lunch there, then travel a mile around the corner and do your shopping at Whole Foods, and feel like an accomplished vegan!

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