Twin Cities, Minnesota


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The vegetarian selection is actually pretty slim here. I only noticed a cheese quesadilla as an appetizer, vegetarian burrito and cheese enchilada's. Considering the big size of the menu, I would expect more. Too much cheese and oil and not enough vegetables to choose from.

The plastic chip basket was small and did not get refilled. The salsa to go with them was warm and bland, not cold and spicy as it should be. The "dark sauce" on my enchiladas tasted very burnt, and overall, the quality of the food was similar to what you'd find in a grocery store deli; as if they took it right out of a frozen package or can. :(

Also, the atmosphere was less than desirable - too many TVs all over the place to distract you from your dining partner, and all of a sudden on a Friday night, a Karaoke machine was turned on and someone began singing super loudly. That made us want to leave asap.

Would not recommend this place.

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