Passage To India

Twin Cities, Minnesota


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I was going to give this place a 3, because while the food wasn't good, at least the waiter knew what had dairy in it (nearly all the breads do except for the chapati). I had the vegetable soup, which came with two fried balls on the side that seemed to have a potato base - the soup was a tomato base with corn, carrots, potatoes, and eggplant. The soup was barely lukewarm, the balls would have been better if they were warmer (I don't know how they were supposed to be served though). Not great food, not a great temperature, but they had cool dishes and my friend got the buffet and liked it. So, it was going to get a three - but then I got sick. It hit me a couple of hours after eating there, but there's no doubt that was the food that did it. I'm not planning to go back.

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This is my favorite Indian place locally. Everything I've ordered has been great, and they have the best bread I've ever eaten: the aloo (potato) mint naan. Simply delicious. The lunch buffet ($7? $8? I don't remember) is your best bet, as you get to have a little of lots of things, which is how Indian food should be eaten. Unlike other buffets, they offer several kinds of fritters and pakora and rice pudding for dessert.

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