La Victoire Supreme du Coeur

Paris, France


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This is BY FAR my favorite restaurant in Paris. Their food may be a little expensive when one first glances at the menu but there's a good reason for this. Everything is fresh and delicious, they take time to make the food and prepare it nicely, they don't use cheap products they use fresh flavorful ones, and their staff is friendly and they cater to you. Say whatever you can in French (hello, thank you, do you speak english?, etc) and they will be more than happy to speak English to you. Also, they offer a great option of buying an appetizer and meal for somewhere around 15 euros, and it's a lot of food.

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I was told that this place was the best vegan food in europe, and it very well might be. the prices are high (about 15E/plate) if yr coming from the US especially, but the food is great. the seitan steak with mushroom sauce might have been the best vegan dish I've ever gotten at a restaurant; the mushroom thing with blackberry sauce was a little bizarre in texture; the unchicken salad was as expected; the desert was - while not up to American standards - was really really tasty. the ambiance is very modern and many of the servers speak english (I think). the menu is available at their website and in english as well.

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If you go to Paris, you simply MUST go to this Veg restaurant. At first glance, it's hard to find, and judging it from the outside, you're not sure if you should go in. We did anyways, and boy, are we glad we did! The food is absolutely wonderful AND very inexpensive (unless you are used to eating at cheap delis). This is THE place if you are longing for traditional french cuisine - veg style. The atmosphere is great - very calming and peaceful, beautifully & thoughtfully decorated with bamboo and eastern influences, and the waiters are very friendly, helpful, outgoing, and they speak English. And, the restaurant is very spacious and well appointed compared to all the other veg restaurants in Paris. You'll love it!

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Thanks to the guide and K for adding this lovely place. The food here is fabulous, and we ate here a few times during a recent trip to Paris.

The mushroom tureen, vegetarian chicken and desserts are definitely worth a stop if you are in town. Not to mention the great fresh squeezed juices like orange, carrot, lemon and drink of the day.

The staff is helpful
They have English menus
The vegan items are clearly marked on the menu

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