United BBQ

Providence, Rhode Island

Closed as of Jan 1 12

146 Ives Street
Providence, RI


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Vegan-friendly BBQ Restaurant

United BBQ is a mostly take-out restaurant that has vegetarian alternatives for many of the regular menu items. Vegetarians can order chili (either alone or in a potato boat), red beans and rice with vegetarian sausage, tamales stuffed with seitan, BBQ seitan sandwiches and grilled boca burgers. Most of these options can be made vegan.

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United BBQ has a vegan BBQ seitan sandwich. It's pretty much what you would expect - seitan covered in BBQ sauce on a bun. The food at United BBQ isn't bad, but I'm not sure that I would go out of my way to eat there. Still, I think it's great that United BBQ has vegan options. I wish that more restaurants would follow their lead.

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11am - 11pm

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