Thai Krathong

Duluth, Minnesota


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I've only been to Thai Krathong once, because I hear that they're closing and wanted to check out their vegan options beforehand. It was good, but for curry I would rather go to India Palace. The coconut added a unique flavor to the red curry I had, though. The inside is also absolutely beautiful!

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got some decent take-out here- our "salad rolls" were huge, fresh, and crunchy. i think our entree was the prik king with tofu? it wasn't as hot as we were expecting but it was pretty good. the host/server helping us with our take-out order was super nice, knowledgeable and gave their own personal recommendations for menu items that would be best veganized, which i always appreciate. and the food was ready in less that 10 minutes. win.

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they have recently become more veg friendly and have a handful of menu items that are vegetarian/vegan. many waitstaff are friendly and willing to communicate your needs to the kitchen to ensure you are served a vegan meal.

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I LOVE this place! You can get vegetarian dishes aplenty (tofu, vegetables, spring rolls, etc.). And they have some good cocktails as well (I expecially like the chocolate martini). This place is a big step up from their former 1st street location, and they've added a lot more menu items now as well.

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The food was okay. Tofu wasn't the greatest. I guess nothing really compares to the Thai food at Sawatdee Thai Restaurant (St. Cloud and Twin Cities locations).

I would go back again, however. It's not a bad option for vegans.

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